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Why I switched from to Namecheap

I have used numerous domain name registrars including some of the most popular ones 1&1,, Google Domains (🪦), hover,, and My all-time favorite was I started using in June of 2010 when I setup and Back in 2011 was still a young Denver based startup with incredible customer service, engaging social media, and most importantly was 1) affordable 2) high quality and 3) easy to use. I appreciated their stance against as being anti-SOPA, pro-net neutrality, and how the ceased DNS wildcarding. Now is part of Identity Digital. The biggest change I have seen from 2011 to today has been the rise in prices, and fewer customer first initiatives, the fun is gone. I miss the bearglecorn mascot.

I am leaving behind because of the rising renewal costs. I had several domains up for renewal at $125.89 which was quite steep. Part of that cost was I was being charged $4.99 per domain for whoisprivacy. I began to shop around and see what some other options and I were decided to go with namecheap because domain privacy was included, and the renewal fee is $76.52.

Namecheap is a private company and they support the Electronic Freedom Foundation and the Fight For The Future.

What I like about namecheap thus far has been the price and the privacy. The features I lost from have not yet to me justified the price difference. While Namecheap’s interface is not as user friendly for me as, it is still easy to navigate and moving the domains over was a rather painless process.

Comparison & Contrast

Service Element Namecheap
WHOIS Privacy $4.99 Free
DNS Free Free & Premium
DNSSEC  NO Premium
SSL Paid Add-On Paid Add-on
Email  Titan Email  Private Email
Email Forwarding  Yes Yes
User Interface ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Customer Support ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ had wonderfully fast DNS and offered ALIAS records for an included price. Namecheap charges extra for premium DNS which has features I don’t need for each domain name. Now I use Cloudflare for DNS, so I don’t have to use namecheap DNS. Additionally, instead of using namecheap or email redirects as I found both so limited I use IMPROVMX, a service which I highly recommend.


I think I am going to transfer most of my domain names away from towards namecheap. I much prefer domain + Google Workspace integrated billing of so I am going to keep at least one domain and project on Plus I can hope that may lower their domain prices and start offering included privacy protection.

My tech stacks

For those who might be interested here are my present tech stacks.

Elements #NoCode or
Low Code
Static Site Generators
Domain Name  Namecheap
DNS  Namecheap or
Cloudflare  Cloudflare
Email Forwarding ImprovMX  ImprovMX  ImprovMX
Site Builder Eleventy or Jekyll  WordPress 
Hosting Cloudlfare Pages  Digital Ocean 
    Github Pages  Vultr 
    Netlify Linode
Advanced Additions       
Hosted Email   Google Workspace Google Workspace  Google Workspace 

Using these links I may earn a comission.


If you have any domain name reigstrar recomemndations for me or other elements I should consider about and namecheap please drop me a line.

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