Adam DJ Brett

New Religious Studies Aggregators

I love the open web. I believe that knoweldge and information should be as free and open source as possible. In college when I really started becoming a geek, I fell in love with open sources software (Linux I love you), websites without paywalls, and nominal walled gardens. As time has passed the web has become more and more less open. RSS readers like Google Reader have been killed off. Now social media platforms lock us viewers into to their ecosystems, only feeding news to us algorithmically not syncronously. These platforms frequently have PR crisies, close down, get bought out, or the data goes missing. This is once again a plea for everyone to have a domain of ones own. You should own your information and be the one keeping that information online, transpporting your data from one style of website to another seamlessly.

Another problem is that Google Search Results have gotten worse and it has been increasingly difficult to like, find and subscribe to the information I want. As newsletters have become more popular again they are also super annoying b/c I hate email. Plus reading your brilliant words in my email drives me to distraction when yet more email arrives. I have decided to fix this problem (at least for myslef and I wanted).

I want a simple quiet, easy to use feed reader that looks great on all devices even grayscale e-ink screens. I also do not want yet another app which is yet another walled garden. The open web is so much easier.

During the 11ty Conf, I learned about @lwojcik’s awesome 11ty template m10y. It is perfect. It is exactly what I want an open web RSS reader.

I have created a couple versions for myself and maybe even you.


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