Adam DJ Brett


Adam DJ Brett is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Religion at Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences. Currently he is an International Research Specialist, with the American Indian Law Alliance ( His area of specialization is the religion, media and culture with attention to mass media and the diffuse influence of U.S. Protestant Fundamentalism on media, culture, business, and politics during the early 20th century. He is also interested in the efforts of Indigenous nations and peoples to oppose the usage of a 15th century papal bull, the Doctrine of Discovery, to justify U.S. property laws that dispossess the lands of Indigenous nations and communities (upheld by the Supreme Court as recently as 2005 in Sherrill v. Oneida. Both projects allow him to anchor his work within the sub-disciplines of critical theories of religion and American religious history with careful attention to discourses of identity and power (via Michel Foucault). Professionally Adam has worked as a web developer, event planner, and social media manager for over a decade. He enjoys projects that allow him to integrate the academic study of religion, with contemporary issues, and creating new coding projects.

Areas of interest

  • American Religion/American Religious History
  • Fundamentalisms
  • Religion, Media, and Technology
  • Comics and Graphic Novels

Courses taught

  • Religion and Science Fiction
  • Religion and Sports
  • Introduction to the Study of Religion
  • New Testament


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