Adam DJ Brett

Warner Southern College

My work at Warner Southern College.

Warner University formerly Warner Southern College

Warner University is a evangelical Christian College located in Lake Wales, Florida. I attended Warner from 2002-2006. During this time I double majored in History and Biblical Studies while also working several on campus jobs, until I eventually became the Web Administrator for the college. As the web admin I my responsibilities were to oversee and maintain the website and to assist in transitioning the website from multiple servers some IIS running ASP and and others a php based LAMP server.


  • Consolidation of webpages to a single server
  • Creating a streamlined unified ASP/HTML/CSS style and structure.
  • develop an HTML/CSS online catalog and ebook reader for the library
  • assisting the library in updating the card catalog and student ID system
  • assisting the athletics department
  • assisting with rolling out Active Directory to a network of five-hundred and thirty-eight system
  • Assisting in transitioning online education to the Moodle Learning Management System running on WAMP servers.
Warner University/Warner Southern College.

Programming languages

  • ASP/
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

other technical elements

  • google analytics
  • google search console
  • google search gadget integration
  • search engine optimization
  • working in LAMP and WAMP environments

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