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Referral Links and Discount Codes

When consulting on projects and/or working as a developer on a project I use a wide variety of tools in my tech stacks. These resources are all things I have found incredibly helpful for myself and/or clients. If you use any of these links I will earn a discount off of them and so will you.


If you need a domain, is pretty amazing. Become a new customer and we both get $5!. Every domain name I own is registered with I especially appreciate the ability to do ANAME or ALIAS records for DNS. This is incredibly helpful for “serverless” hosting like github, netlify,, surge, etc.’s customer support is super fast and responsive. Whenever I have had questions or concerns they have been right there ready to help. Register or transfer your domains with them today. The code is da845

Hosting for single page websites.

  • If you visit through my link (or enter your referral code – adjb or YXJL3 – directly at checkout) I will earn you 30% of the amount paid towards their next Pro upgrade or renewal. You will also get a discount.
  • here is my page
  • has a bunch of plans my favorite plans are:
    • Pro Standard is $19 a year. That is it just $19 a year.
    • Pro Lite is $9 a year for a more budget friendly plan.
  • My Carrd discount code is: adjb or YFSYXJL3. is the best #nocode utility out there. It is great for academics, professionals, and anyone who needs a domain of one’s own. A domain of one’s own is exactly like a room of one’s own but only its digital. provides a simple and easy to use graphical user interface for creating amazing one-page sites for everything. has plenty of templates to get you started or you can DIY. Personally I use pro standard all the time because it lets you bring and use your own domain name. The only downside of pro lite is you cant use your own domain name you do get a free subdomain name. Your options are: “”, “”, or “”. UWU is an emoticon depicting cuteness overload. replaces:,,,, or whatever leadpage software you are running. Nine times out of ten Carrd also replaces WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. Most of the time all a person needs is a snazzy one page website. Still not convinced to try Here are some samples from my consulting clients:

Cloud VPS Hosting

  • UpCloud
    Deploy your first cloud server with UpCloud today! Get a $25 bonus when signing up with this referral link. Do you need something more robust than a one page website and are you not ready to go “serverless” with a static site generator like Jekyll or 11ty? Then UpCloud is for you. In my experience UpCloud is way easier to use than Vultr and Digital Ocean. You can deploy a robust and fast WordPress site in about 2-3 minutes based on my experience. You will be able to have WordPress + your bespoke theme up and going quickly. Plus your server bill and hosting will be very reasonable and if you want you can always boost your WordPress site performance by adding a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to take a lhelp your audience get your content even faster.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)


  • Refer a friend, get $20
  • $20 earned for every new verified user you refer to BunnyCDN.
  • A user must be active for at least 14 days and make a payment to count as verified.
  • Apply the referral balance to your account at any time.

Sometimes fast isn’t fast enough. When you need to speed up your website try BunnyCDN. BunnyCDN is fast, reliable, and quite powerful. It is also the most cost effective CDN I have found thus far at mere pennies on the GB served up to your website visitors. If you have a resource intensive website or if your website is just extremely popular check out BunnyCDN.

Email Forwarding

Improv MX

PLL Merch


Web Stacks

Personal Stack

Static Site client stack

Dynamic site client stack

  •,, (domain names)
  • Github (Codebase)
  • UpCloud (hosting)
  • WordPress (Content Management System)
  • BunnyCDN (Content Delivery Network)


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